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Domino Effect 33 by thedollknight Domino Effect 33 by thedollknight
The villain's speech.

Batman and Joker are entirely owned by DC Comics.

Page 33 – Winters mansion

1 Batman: “I know you’re here, Joker. Make this easy on yourself.”
2 Joker: “Ah, Batman. I’d hoped we’d have a chance to talk.”
2 Batman: “Aah! Face me like a man!”
3 Joker: “What would that prove? No, our battles always have more at stake than who can beat whom in an arm wrestling match.”
3 Batman: “It won’t take me long to cut through this.”
4 Joker: “Does it bother you to know how quickly, how easily, Gotham’s elite embraced my schemes? Who are you saving from whom, Batman? Don’t you understand? They’re not worth saving. I don’t want to go all John Galt on you… but they’re so far beneath people like us that it’s ridiculous. A joke.”
5 Batman: “You’ve never understood me. Or humankind, for that matter.”
5 Joker: “You’re the one who’s deluded. When a man sees what the world is really like, he can never go back to the way it was. Eventually you’ll open your eyes.”
6 Batman: “The world is not a reflection of you, you vicious narcissist!”
6 Joker: “Hahahahahaha! You’ve got it backwards, Batman!”
7 Batman: “Oof! Ready or not, I’m coming for you!”
7 Joker: “Not so fast. You know I’ve always got an ace up my sleeve, don’t you?”
8 Joker: “I think the time has arrived for our fiery finale.”
8 Batman: “Aaahh!”
9 Batman: “What are you…”
9 *explosion*

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dcfan0590 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012
I'm sorry if Im reading to much into this but correct me if im wrong but do you intentionally put the german shepard in when joker said "7 Joker: “Not so fast. You know I’ve always got an ace up my sleeve, don’t you?”" to make some sort of reference to Ace the Bathound
thedollknight Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012
No, that wasn't intentional, but it's pretty funny. Good catch!
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